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Christmas gifts with a personal touch

It‘s always nice to try and give someone a personal Christmas Gift but it can be hard to think of one every year. Personalised Christmas gifts are a new speciality for Nettle and Ivy! We have just launched our 2021 Christmas Collection. Five Christmas themed prints that can be personalised with your family member’s names, family name and location. We hope that our personalised prints will be a special keepsake that add an extra special Christmas touch to homes.

Our personalised prints are a thoughtful Christmas gift to give to a friend or for your own family. Enjoy them year after year, each print comes with a handmade mount which has been made locally with our trusty Framer Sean.

Choose from one of our five designs and add your personal touch to give a Christmas gift with meaning that will be cherished forever.

Each print is €24 with free postage in Ireland and we also deliver internationally. Avoid disappointed with postage delays and order today.

If you want to make your print an extra special Christmas gift you can frame it before you give to your friend or family member. Our prints fit an 8x10 frame, which are easily purchased in Woodies, Tesco etc.

Give an extra special Christmas gift this year with a personal touch. Shop the Christmas Collection from Nettle and Ivy

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