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Nettle and Ivy Personalised Baby Prints

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

We are Nettle and Ivy, a personalised print company based in Tipperary, Ireland. As two sisters living together during the Covid lockdown we were trying to find a creative outlet to pass the time.

Our biggest pastime was online shopping but like many people we struggled to find gifts for children that were made in Ireland, could be customised and were not too expensive.

Many of our friends were having babies for the first second and even third time so trying to find unique gifts was tough. Nettle and Ivy allows people to add an extra special touch with personalised names, dates of birth.

Like so many people we have lots of friends living abroad with new babies so we wanted to create something with a connection to Ireland, so each print comes with a choice of illustrations in either Gaeilge or English. We love keeping the Irish language alive and the support for our Irish illustrations has been amazing.

Inspiration for our personalised baby prints comes from the the beauty of the world around us, living in beautiful Tipperary we didn’t much difficulty finding it. Our love of nature features heavily in our personalised baby prints.

International shipping available.

Free shipping in Ireland.

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