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Each Nettle & Ivy print is made with love in Ireland by two creative sisters with a flair for design and all things pretty. Our love of nature and Irish led us to create these personalised children's prints. 

When Covid-19 hit we were in a small bubble and in order to keep our sanity we wanted to start a creative project to distract us from all of the doom-and-gloom and so Nettle & Ivy was born. It has been such a joy to watch our small business blossom and has brought us so much happiness to focus on something positive during such uncertain times.

Nettle & Ivy


Our mission is to offer people the chance to create personalised gifts for the children in their lives with Irish and English personalised prints. Nettle & Ivy is the perfect gift option for new parents, baby shower ideas or alternative children's presents. We also want to offer complimentary gift wrapping to every order to ensure a full gift experience.


Celebrating Irish language and nature is so important to us. We want to be the number one personalised print gifting option in Ireland. Offering people the option to gift custom designs in Irish or English which celebrate the rich and colourful culture we grew up with in Ireland.

Nettle & Ivy
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