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Preparing Your Child for Primary School in Ireland: Bringing the Irish Language Home

Starting primary school is a significant milestone in a child’s life, and preparing for this transition can be both exciting and a bit daunting for parents. One of the best ways to get your child ready for this new chapter is to introduce and incorporate the Irish language into your home from an early age. Not only does this foster a love for our native language, but it also gives your child a head start in their educational journey. Here are some effective ways to prepare your child for primary school in Ireland with a focus on bringing the Irish language into your home.

Bring the magic or Irish into your home with an Irish Alphabet from Nettle & Ivy.

1. Create a Bilingual Environment

Children learn best through immersion. Surround your child with both English and Irish at home to create a bilingual environment. Use simple Irish phrases in daily conversations, label common household items in both languages, and encourage your child to use these words regularly. This everyday exposure helps normalise the language and builds their vocabulary naturally.

2. Use Irish Language Media

Introduce your child to Irish through various media forms such as books, cartoons, songs, and apps. Many children’s books are available in Irish, and reading these together can be a fun and engaging way to learn. Cartoons and songs in Irish not only entertain but also teach language through repetition and melody. There are also educational apps designed to make learning Irish interactive and enjoyable.

3. Incorporate Irish in Playtime

Play is a powerful learning tool. Incorporate Irish language into your child’s playtime by using bilingual toys, games, and puzzles. Simple games like Simon Says can be played in Irish, and role-playing with dolls or action figures can include Irish phrases. The traditional Irish language alphabet from Nettle & Ivy is a fun an interactive way to learn Irish words at home. These playful activities make learning feel like a natural part of their day.

4. Personalised Irish Language Gifts

Surround your child with personalised items that celebrate the Irish language. At Nettle & Ivy, we offer a range of personalised prints, cushions and alphabets with Irish versions. For example, our prints come with illustrations and words in Irish, such as Bláthanna (flowers) and Boín Dé (ladybug). These beautiful and functional items not only decorate your child’s space but also provide constant exposure to the language.

5. Engage with Irish Language Resources

Take advantage of the numerous resources available to help your child learn Irish. Websites, podcasts, and YouTube channels dedicated to teaching Irish can be valuable tools. Additionally, many local libraries offer Irish language books and learning materials. These resources can complement your efforts at home and provide varied and enriching content.

6. Attend Irish Language Events

Participate in community events and activities that promote the Irish language. Many communities host Irish language storytimes, cultural festivals, and workshops. These events provide opportunities for your child to hear and use Irish in different contexts, reinforcing what they’ve learned at home.

7. Practice Daily Routines in Irish

Incorporate Irish into your daily routines. Simple activities like counting steps as you walk, naming foods at mealtime, or discussing weather conditions in Irish can make the language a natural part of your child’s day. Consistency is key, and these small, regular practices can significantly boost your child’s familiarity and comfort with the language.

8. Encourage Interaction with Irish Speakers

If possible, encourage your child to interact with fluent Irish speakers. This could be family members, friends, or even through structured playdates with children who speak Irish. Real-life practice is invaluable and helps build confidence in using the language in social settings.

9. Enroll in Irish Language Preschools/Naíonra

Consider enrolling your child in an Irish language preschool or playgroup known as a Naíonra. These environments immerse children in the language through structured activities, play, and social interactions. It’s a fantastic way to build a solid foundation before entering primary school.


Preparing your child for primary school involves more than academic readiness; it’s about fostering a love for learning and a connection to their cultural heritage. By incorporating the Irish language into your home from an early age, you’re not only giving your child a valuable skill but also enriching their understanding of their identity. At Nettle & Ivy, we’re here to support you with personalised gifts that celebrate the Irish language and culture. Explore our range at and start creating a bilingual home today.

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